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I recently came across Scribd while reading the New York Times online (during lunch of course). Turns out that this is a very useful site to store and easily share a variety of documents. Given my obsession with maps–both analog and digital–I investigated further and soon started uploading all of my maps that are worth uploading. It is simple to say the least. It also turns out that it is simple for someone on the other end to comment on your map, to download your map, and to send it to their plotter / tree-killer. You also have the option to make your uploads private so that you can only share a map, poster, document, etc., with selected colleagues.


The interface takes a few seconds to minutes to figure out. It is a cleaner, more efficient, and more user-friendly interface than the one hosted by my agency. It may not be for you, however. It also requires that you are willing to freely provide maps showing data that were compiled with (usually) tax-payer money. Hopefully the extreme budget crisis facing my state will not force me to pull down the free maps.  Check out my uploaded maps using the Scribd link in the right sidebar.


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