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I am damn happy to report to you that the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Portland, OR (October 18-21) has given a nod to the geofroth. I teamed up with some folks smarter and nicer than I (always a good approach) to devise some session proposals about digital methods in geology. It worked! There will be two sessions. One is a Pardee Keynote Session on Sunday Afternoon (Oct. 18) entitled:

Google Earth to Geoblogs: Digital Innovations in the Geosciences

This session is being developed by Me (UNR/NBMG), John Bailey (UAF; AVO), Ron Schott (Ft. Hays State), Mano Marks (Google Geo), Glenn Richard (MPI / Stonybrook / SERC), and Peter Selkin (UW Tacoma). This session will be consciously and blatantly unconventional with a few talks, possibly a discussion or two, and will ultimately transmogrify into a interactive session with displays and tutorials of Google Earth applications and kml programming; examples and demonstrations of gigapixel photography (ranging from the do-it yourself to some amazing examples by professionals from xRez; stellar examples of using GE for education and outreach; and demonstrations of some of the other things that you may have read about at Geologic Frothings. We are also planning on unleashing a geo-mashup  on the masses willing to attend. Oh yeah, and there will be free (frothy) Oregon microbrew, but don’t tell anybody.

The aforementioned cast of characters have been let loose by GSA to build the keynote as they wish. Please plan on stopping by if you are attending GSA. It will be fun even if it doesn’t work.

As for an alternate venue for direct participation, the same crew (only in a different order) are heading-up a technical session entitled:

Digital Innovations in Geoscience Research, Education, and Outreach

If the sound of this warms the digital part of your heart then please submit an abstract. Abstracts are due August 11, 2009 so you should have plenty of time to get your act together.
Come and help us bring geology into the 21st Century.

By the way, my proposal to GSA for the keynote originally had the term Geoscience 2.0, but the selection committee didn’t get it…and not because they thought it should be 3.0!


  1. This session sounds great! Thanks for helping put it together. Will there be room for some ArcGIS Server app discussion?

    • We are hoping to have time to discuss many things of that nature. Please come by and bring it up.

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