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Have been on the road for a while. Stay tuned for a post on my experience spreading the digital word at the AASG meeting in Park City.

For now, just to let you know that my goal is not to eliminate paper maps (just exclusively paper maps), I photographed the quote above at the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum in Vernal, UT, yesterday. Despite the bloated name, the museum is truly an excellent one. They have gone a long way to explain the geology of the Uintah Mountains and the Uintah Basin. A very impressive effort. Kudos to Utah. Also of great educational value is the presence of road signs in the area that name the geologic unit you are driving through, give you a tidbit about the paleontology of the unit and (gulp)  dare to report  its age. Truly a refreshing thing to see. Would like to see more of this kind of thing throughout the country.

As for the quote, I certainly agree with it. I can’t help but wonder how to embellish it to encompass the potential scope of a digital geologic map and its related datasets. How about a geology degree  on an 8 Gb drive?


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