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At the AASG meeting I was reminded of Mrdata…( a very useful but apparently poorly known repository of geologic data, much of which is amenable to viewing on a Virtual Globe or in a GIS program. For example, you can find statewide geologic maps for the entire US on the site. They have been massaged to be uniform in their symbolization. Though derived from small-scale maps, these little babies are pretty useful for visualization when dropped into GE and made slightly transparent.

I’m curious as to the ratio of geologists who could use this to those who know of it.

Link to National Dataset:

Link to Nevada:

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  1. We have written a whole series of iPhone apps that show these geologic maps. So far we have California, Texas, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, and Florida. They include K/Ar ages, earthquakes (where relevant), faults, glacial boundaries, terrain, hydrology, etc… And they are so simple to use that even a geologist can figure it out.

    Our latest release is at

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