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Today, I found out that the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) is releasing LiDAR-based base maps of the Portland area. Some previous discussions I have had with Ian Madin, Chief Geoscientist at DOGAMI have centered on just how much better and more geo-accurately LiDAR data can resolve natural and cultural features. Clearly, he has put this to the test. There are also various ways that the data can be processed to accentuate the natural features as well as the constructed ones, thus producing very nice and accurate base maps.

Here is a link to some examples of their new LIS maps (lidar Imagery Series) to replace USGS topo quads where they have the data:

The image at top shows an example of both the bare earth and the highest hit images of a quarter quad. Of course, I think this is nothing short of revolutionary because I am growing tired of DRGs of 24 and 100k maps. This type of base image is far superior to traditional 24k topographic maps in many ways (maybe not all). Kudos to DOGAMI for setting the bar for us all. I only hope that we can get some of these for Nevada before I retire. Ironically, I already have the data in hand for DOGAMI to make some similar maps for an area in Oregon where I have been working for the past several years.

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  1. This is just about the best idea ever. The USGS should be systematically doing this for the nation instead making these:

    … a new series of USGS quads with aerial imagery as a base AND NO TOPO LINES. In my opinion that makes them more useless than the out-of-date series we’re using now. Not to mention that the maps the Oregon survey is making are more printer-friendly than the aerial photo maps, and thus easier/better for use in the field.

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