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Yet another map for 2009…don’t get to excited, though. I won’t
subject you to my rant about how I get surprisingly little credit for
these gargantuan efforts until they are subjected to an external
review…that is for another day. Trust me, it will come. Probably in
mid January.

In any case, this new map includes a snippet of surficial mapping that
I and others did a few years ago in the entirety of Ivanpah Valley,
Nevada…’The Ivanpaviathan‘ with some minor changes.

The big story here is the huge amount of work that the first author
did in creating the bedrock mapping. This is a complicated area to say
the least (heard of the Keystone Thrust and its ilk?). Larry did a
fair amount of new mapping, but really went the extra mile in
compiling diverse scraps and swaths of mapping created over the years
by the other authors. No small task.

Now, about that missing cross section…

Kudos also to Irene for converting what was initially a ‘symphony in mustards’ to this nice map.

See also:

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