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Recall when I went on ad nauseum about my struggles with the Lower
Walker River map as I was trying to document (in part) the struggles
that the lower Walker River has had in dealing with its shrinking
lake? If you missed that fun, experience it here:

Well, I hardly made a peep about this map…mainly because it
was finished earlier and was out of the ‘buffer’ at the time. But now,
it has reached a comparable state of completion.

The twist with this map (which is along the lower Colorado River
between Hoover and Davis Dams) is that the river has lost its battle
with a lake by virture of having been dammed downstream. Thus, all of
the bluish-greenish units are submerged under the lake.

I was able to map these features with reasonable confidence using
sonar data and large-scale, pre-dam topographic maps of the valley.

Interesting side note: Since getting the map to this point, I have
gotten my hot little hands on a pre-dam aerial photo mosaic of the map

Revision time!

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  1. Hi Kyle, sure you changed the format of your blog, but now you can’t log in…WTF?

    • Thanks, Kyle. Now I figured it out because of your comment.


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