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This is my blog. I am a wise-ass PhD geologist with some useful tips for integrating digital tools and techniques into your geologic workflow in the field and in the office. I do not know how to program a computer with any real skill. I just like gadgets and like to increase the efficiency with which I can collect, document, interpret, and disseminate geologic information. Figured that I would do my colleagues a service and tell them about it.

What’s up with the froth, you ask? Well, way back before I had two kids, two cats, 5-7 fish, and a real job (i.e. when I was a grad student in Tucson), my wife and I used to brew beer. We had a slobbery german shepard at the time named Tango, and we called our beer Dogfroth. The motto on the homemade label was: ‘May the froth be with you’, and the concept stuck. A stroke of brilliance, actually. Please don’t co-opt it.

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  1. Hi,

    Because of your blog, I’m writing to let you know that Discovery Channel has a new program airing this Sunday, June 7th, called INSIDE PLANET EARTH (at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT).

    Using revolutionary new computer graphics technology, the program literally peels back the layers of Earth like an onion. And while humans have explored the universe, and even landed on the moon a quarter million miles away, our own planet remains largely unexplored and understood, especially beneath Earth’s surface.

    In a fantastical but factual journey to the center of the Earth, the program exposes in amazing detail the planet’s interior, from the thin surface where we live (representing only one percent of Earth’s total volume), to deep caverns, miles-thick layers of coal, gold and diamonds, and massive tectonic plates. Awesome chemical horizons and underground metallic forests are shown to grow on the inner Earth core and contain vast subterranean mountains. The program also displays magnificent mantle plumes 2,000 miles high as well as the searing heat and radiation of the planet’s gravity-less core nearly 4,000 miles beneath our feet.

    The Earth’s core is revealed as a moon-sized sphere of molten iron and is the planet’s great magnet, generating stability and an energy field that protects life from the lethal radiation of space. And in an alarming discovery, evidence suggests the magnetic field is experiencing significant instability and could even be in the early stages of shutting down. The program also examines Mars and its history to suggest what Earth would be like if the magnetosphere catastrophically vanished.

    You can immediately stream the episode at

    If you are interested in writing a review, or would like to refer to the program in your blog, that would be great and we’d be thrilled. If you have any questions, I can be reached directly at 727-542-8122.

    Thanks for your time!

    John McNeilly

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